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Wood Chopping is fun really.

Sat 13 February 2010

Ok the whisky last night was probably not a good idea, the kids where basically awake all night with coughs and sneezes and although Heleen got out to see them it still wakes you up. And I don’t work well with broken sleep!. But nobodies fault really something you get used to just glad my wife managed to look after the kids!. Anyhow.. Up early rolled out of bed banged my head on the roof over hang near to my side of the bed, I often do this when i’m tired!. So, then it’s a case of getting washed dressed and downstairs no easy task when your still sleeping but I managed to get it sorted.. I arrived downstairs and the two dogs were still asleep! grrrr.. Kicked them outside made me feel better.. Got together the chainsaw the tools and petrol for the days cutting, then I had to make a few sandwiches spelt bread as I cant have normal bread! I through in a chunk of chicken grillworst, and a half eaten packet of crisps. Two Flasks of hot water and a box of tea bags.. Set Set off to the forest, its still snowing here and there is no salt on the roads and I still of course only have summer tyres on the car must be my english upbringing hehehe.. Arrived at the forest to find other people there already cutting which was a bit annoying as I needed to park the car and there was already a car in the way!!.So started cutting down trees, stopped for some lunch around 12 then continued this went on till about 3:30 then we packed up and came home. I was last out and on the way home almost got taken out by a roe deer running across the road!. Got home safe fell asleep on the sofa while the wife popped out for chinese food Help put the kids to bed then took a shower feeling much better decided to pour a malt and start getting my dvd collection on the PC. Nicely stacked wood.

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