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Amazing what you find on the internet

Fri 13 December 2013
50 MHz / 6m Never more than 10W into a quarterwave, at no more than 13 feet above ground (tip of antenna). You can see how quickly I gave up! call. yyyy-mm-dd notes 2E1BMT 1993-06-10 9A1CCY 1992-07-20 JN85oo, QSL YU2CCY Sasha, 930 miles 098 deg 9A2MP 1993-06-10 Croatia 9A3AQ 1993-06-10 JN75 …

Archery my introduction

Wed 08 September 2010
Archery to me was always people with lots of expensive bows with expensive equipment shooting at a target at the end of a long field. Not once as a kid can I ever remember making a bow. I never tried it at all. I think mainly because of no interest …

Almost forgot I used to kayak

Thu 05 August 2010
Here is me last boxing day waiting for that big ride!!! (notice big swell!!)