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Setup full disk encryption on running debian system

Tue 01 March 2022

Upgrade Debian 7 to Debian 10

Wed 01 December 2021
Debian Upgrade Make a backup. Check disk space Installation check for pinning /etc/apt/preferemces and preferences.d adjust the apt sources deb wheezy main deb-src wheezy main deb wheezy/updates main deb http://archive …


Thu 20 August 2015
Ansible sysadmin tool Ansible is a great tool to keep your servers or workstations in check, I have started to use this on my systems due to the fact that it is great for reproducing standard machines each and every time. Installation First lets get it installed: # apt-get update && apt-get …

Setup Debian using PXE

Thu 20 August 2015
Quick setup guide for installing debian automatically