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Fri 13 December 2013

50 MHz / 6m Never more than 10W into a quarterwave, at no more than 13 feet above ground (tip of antenna). You can see how quickly I gave up!

call. yyyy-mm-dd notes

2E1BMT 1993-06-10 9A1CCY 1992-07-20 JN85oo, QSL YU2CCY Sasha, 930 miles 098 deg 9A2MP 1993-06-10 Croatia 9A3AQ 1993-06-10 JN75 CT1WW 1993-06-10 IN61ge, 613 miles 207 deg DJ1ZU 1992-07-20 JN68


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Hello All, I am relatively new to ATV, and require information on equipment ( (fast scan television not sstv), I have a Uniden sat recevier to use as a receiver, and I intend to build the transmitter, I need info on amps and arials. I have never worked up this high before so my logbook contains not circuit snippets arial designs etc. Any help at all is welcome, info, circuits ideas ANYTHING

Thanks in advance..

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