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Using gpg

Tue 13 January 2015

GPG is used to perform encryption and signing of email and data. here are a few tips if you use gpg.

gpg —gen-key - Create a revocation certificate

gpg —output revoke.asc —gen-revoke - Listing keys ǐ

gpg —list-keys - Get keys from server

gpg —keyserver —recv-key - Send keys to server

gpg —keyserver —send-key - Encrypt Document

gpg —output doc.gpg —encrypt —recipient doc - Decrypt Document

gpg —output doc —decrypt doc.gpg - ClearSign Document

gpg —clearsign doc - Detached Signature

gpg —output doc.sig —detach-sig doc - Verfiy Detached doc

gpg —verify doc.sig doc - Edit your own key

gpg —edit-key - Search for keys

gpg —keyserver —search-keys - Retrieve keys

gpg —keyserver —recv-keys Sending a binary over email: Before sending:

gpg —enarmour < > .asc After Recieving:

gpg —dearmor < .asc > file.bin > Really cool way to tar and encrypt at the same time: $ tar -cf - | gpg -c > encrypted_archived_files.tgp And to get them back gpg < encrypted_archived_files.tgp | tar -xvf - The Rest you can find here: External Link

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