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Trip to Quicks

Sun 07 November 2010

Yesterday decided to pop down and take a look in quicks archery, as I was about 25 mins down the road I thought it might be worth a look as I have had lots of long evenings looking through there catalogues.. Anyhow I popped over the quicks in waterlooville I arrived around 1:30 and found they were shut apparently there lunch time is 12’ish to 2’ish what a job ;) But that’s probably due to the bad parking around the area.. Anyhow I went in and there was a shop full of people asking questions, I took a look around and found it to be not much more than a market trader.. The catalogue is much better representation of the company.. I asked if they had a feather cutter as I really was interested but didn’t want to pay the postage and of course they didn’t have one in stock. There was no mention of ordering it or checking to look in one of the other stores.. Sorry quicks a little disappointing..

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