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Sync directions with windows

Tue 13 January 2015

Sync your directories with windows First you need to install microsoftsrktoolsthat includes robocopy if you have any other OS than vista IMPORTANT: Make sure you understand the difference between the source and the destination, robocopy is not that inteligent it will overwrite newer files with older without asking!! you have been warned is the directory you have been working in is the directory you want to copy it all to this example will use directories c:\laptop and c:\server but this can be any two directories or network share. first make a mirror image of your directory; robocopy c:\server c:\laptop /mir this will make the server directory the source and will mirror this to the laptop directory now you have two directories that are identical. if you make changes in laptop then you need to switch the source to being laptop instead of server to check changes use \l

robocopy c:\laptop c:\server /l this will show the changes or if the files are newer or older. Once your 100% that this is the right direction ;) then you can commit: robocopy c:\laptop c:\server /x This will commit the changes from the source to the destination Be warned this is directional only there is no question are you sure once you do this it over writes the destination with the source even if the source is older!! so this means you lose all your hard work!.. as with all windows tools ….. good luck.

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