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Sunday Field archery

Wed 27 October 2010

Worlingham field archers seem to be having a rough time with the land they use for the field archery club a really nice wooded area located in worlingham. The day started at 10am I arrived around 9am to meet up with my uncle. We started off with a cup of tea and a chat about the best equipment to use I borrowed a longbow from him and a few arrows and of course the quiver used on robin hood the movie!!. I felt the part ;) I tried the quiver over the shoulder on my back and went for a practice shoot but managed to almost stab my eye out with an arrow whilst trying to get it out of the quiver decided to tie it off round the waist this felt much better and I will be making one when I get home as I found this to work really good. Especially for field archery. I started shooting the arrows from my uncle they all shot to the left I decided these where obviously to stiff and switched for lighter set. These shot much straighter however didn’t improve my score much!.. I heard 500’s and 400’s … I managed a good 53 ;) but the day was a real treat it rained hard once and lucky I listened to my dad and took his ‘pak a mak’ it saved the day. Fletchings got little bit wet but the oiled canvas quiver was able to roll over the fletchings need to make one did I mention that !!.. We had a course of 14 targets I believe it was and we went around twice, as always it was a fun walk and nice people there were three ladies and an other gent who I paired up with to shoot. I found out later that all of them were very good ;) and learned a number of tips. Now I need to get practice in for the shoot in balk….

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