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Shared agenda for geeks

Tue 13 January 2015

The Shared Agenda for GEEKS

The current shared agenda allows differing access methods but the handiest is Ical.. i here is a technique I use to see the shared agenda and it basicaly echos the agenda to your i terminal on activation..

first you need some software installed

$ sudo aptitude install remind wyrd tkremind

now the configuration.

Copy ntserv3/Install/SimonsStuff/Remind/ to ~/bin cd ~/ i

create a file called .reminders in your home directory and add these lines changing the username of course!

INCLUDE /home/quantrill/.ical2shared 
INCLUDE /home/quantrill/.ical2rem

next you need to add a crontab

# m h dom mon dow command 
0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * cd /home/; wget -q -O- | /home//bin/ –label “Shared Agenda” > ~/.ical2shared

in your .bashrc file add this change the computer name to your hostname of course!

if [ "$HOSTNAME" == "amos" ]; then

That should be it hopefully I haven’t missed anything if there is a bug let me know

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