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Save your business thousands of dollars

Mon 09 March 2015

According to Kaspersky 35% of the worlds businesses do not encrypt data on their computers.

What happens if you lose a laptop or a usb key with important business data on.

In 2007, was fined £980,000, for having their own laptop stolen from an employees house that happened to have un-encrypted details of clients!

A local council was fined £150,000 for lose of data on un-encrypted laptops

According to exacttrak the british government has paid out millions in fines.

All over loss or breach of data.

So this is not a light issue it is a serious problem, one that can be solved fairly easy, by encrypting the data on the laptop disk or the usb key.

Apple mac computers make it easy to encrypt to usb or disk, the system allows you to create a secure partition on disk or usb stick and anything written is not viewable by anybody else.

IN the past a lot of people used truecrypt on many Operating systems to give them secure data, unfortunately this stopped developement a year or two back and left a void of good public encryption software, and although the software is still available from truecrypt its unclear to the position and safety of the product. However there is the ciphershed project that are hopefully bring back truecrypt all modernised and updated well worth keeping an eye on that one.

And an apart project brings another view on truecrypt veracrypt

There are of course proprietary and commercial solutions from the likes of symantec but the open source version makes it almost not possible to not encrypt data.

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