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Reflective Gear

Mon 07 January 2008

Well not to much written in the last few days as I have been busy with the christmas festivities, its funny I have never been one for writing stuff done and I forget stuff really easy.. Anyhow the holidays went well it was good to be back home in England, with my family over the festive season. I think John Garret probably enjoyed it the most he was really within his element chasing around the sofa most og the time with my sisters kids.. The weather was prity good as was the food and drink I now have to seriously go on a diet.. I put on 1kg! well should be able to shift that if I work hard at it. I have the attic to clear up and shift up all my weightlifting gear then I have the back bedroom free for Heleen to do the wallpapering.. it gives me a room specific for my weights and I am pushing forward with cycling to work as well its nice to get ou in the fresh air. Its a bit smelly at the moment as the farmers are digging out the ditches I guess in prep for the winter but boy does it stink! Got myself all reflective gear for on the bike its really dangerous on the way to and from work with all the tractors and the lorries roaring up and down this country lane! and they say that cycling improves your health ;) Reminds me must look for my mobile phone cant seem to find it ok more later work to do ,..

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