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Ransomware on the rise

Wed 03 June 2015 virus malware /

Ransomware is a mix of malware and virus that infects your computer, once infected the software will encrypt files on your disk drive and then prompt you to pay up a lot of cash to release the encrption on your files. In short not nice, in 2013 Crptolocker a ransomware virus had taken 3 million dollars from victims before the authorities took it down.

It has been reported that the is a surge of ransomeware virus’s mainly due to TOX This is basically a construction kit allowing anybody to create their own ransome ware virus, there are already teams setup in china with kids as young as 19 years old running huge business just using ransomware, its becoming big bussiness to disrupt yours.

Basic precautionary steps should be taken to mitigate this issue.

It could happen that a website from a branded company is hacked and you could in adervetly download and install unknown to yourself a trojan. To avoid this web filtering can be used to protect you from this issue.

Once you have taken these steps it is important to monitor all of the alerting and take action promptly. Often if you are unlucky enough to catch a virus or malware before it starts its intended purpose you can remove it before it does to much damage, leaving it to long will just make matters worse.

If you have an infected machine it might be imposible for even the brightest IT consultant to recover your files

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