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Ordinary Day

Fri 12 February 2010

Interesting day, the day started quite ordinary with coffee and a chat over the computer screen to my college. The the calls started coming in, first was a colleague in the UK office requiring me to set up there printers and internet connection. This was a breeze, I just purchased and installed Teamviewer, it is a breeze to install and it is also great for support. You can use it free but as a business I feel it only right to pay for it if it is helpful, it costs about 400 to 500 for the basic software and its worth it. Second can the esxi server install, never have I install this software or used it for that matter, as most of you know I use Linux or Mac, Windows is just something I put up with in my day job… anyhow first off I downloaded and installed the latest version of esxi, everything looked good until it hung!! I tried this a few times and then finally decided to install a lower version it worked it installed. It appears as though version 4 of esx needs 64 bit machines to work and the one I had available wasnt up for it.. Next came the problem when I rebooted the machine it kept booting up in the old OS, this was down to esxi not recognising the disks that had the old os on I fixed this by snatching the two disks, the one disk had enough for what I needed to do anyhow.. Next came the import from the old server my colleague uploaded the software from uk to here took all night. Then I tried to import this didn’t work as apparently you need to convert ova files!! with another tool from vmware. So I down loaded and installed this and tried it about for to five times each time it failed, it appears as though there is a bug in vmware esxi with files over 8G!! Next step was to link the two servers together and copy direct this is currently going strong and will take another 11 hours to complete all in all 2 days wasted ;) but a lot learned about a system I will never probably use again!

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