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New quiver

Wed 08 December 2010

First i carried my arrows in a plastic bag or by hand!, then I decided on my first field event i would buy a quiver I bought one but it was rather big to cart around in the woods It was leather tube with a strap to hold it around your waist. It works ok but like i said it gets in the way..I then saw hauke with a mary rose style back quiver and took a look on the net, at 43 quid!! for this I decided that I would not buy it. A very good friend of my Ian Blackwell had one that he wasn’t using so he lent me it. I copied it and made one myself. It turned out rather nice. I used it on the Terschelling shoot but found being on the back was awkward. The nice thing is that it is able to keep the arrows separate and if it starts to rain the cover can be used as a rain guard which is quite nice better than a bread bag methinks! So I took this design and came up with another solution for field archery.. Basically its a bag with waist or shoulder straps. To use the straps tie them around your waste or over shoulder for back use. You might notice that the strap nearer to the fletchings is sewed slightly higher up the bag this allows the fletchings to sit a bit higher, avoiding the arrow tipping on the floor scenario!! I think if I make another I will taper the bag slightly this will make a smaller bag and the straps will be correct without the need to reposition it. Arrows sit to the right just above your backside a very comfortable place to reach. I hope to try this out in the field soon. Looking at the left photo you can see that the straps can be wrapped around the arrows when transporting them nice to shove in your rucsack. There is also a rain cover but on this model I got it the wrong way around ;) the split should be opposite the straps. All in all its very easy to make it costs almost nothing to make and can be made in an hour or so.

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