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Linux under subversion control

Tue 13 January 2015

Below is the procedure to put linux machines under subversion control

First on the subversion server create a directory

svnadmin create svn/simon-test-vm

All the work now is done on the workstation or server you wish to have under subversion control

First import the initial repository contents

root@simon-test-vm:/# svn import -m “initial import” /etc svn+ssh://quantrill@ood/home/svn/simon-test-vm

Next checkout a copy from the subversion server, makesure you use a different name for the working-directory (simons-test-etc)

root@simon-test-vm:/# svn svn+ssh://quantrill@ood/home/svn/simon-test-vm /simon-test-etc

Now move and copy to allow the subversion controlled directory to become the primary directory on the machine

root@simon-test-vm:/# mv etc etc.old && mv simon-test-etc etc

Check its under svn control

cd /etc svn info

Make sure you can still use sudo!

chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers

Thats it the machine is now under subversion control any changes in the configuration can be tracked, this is the method/process however I am working on a centralised way in which we can track configuration changes.

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