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Tue 27 January 2015

Welcome to Blogsy! __Let’s get started. * Set up your blog by going to the Settings Menu → Service Settings. Then choose your blog platform and fill in your information. * Tap on the Post Info. button to get to all post information. * Tap on the Plus button to start a new post or open a local draft. * Tap on the Online button to open an online post in Blogsy to edit. If you would like to Edit HTML or need to paste embed codes then just swipe with three fingers across the screen to flip to the HTML side. Here’s a quick overview pointing out where to go to do all the things you want to do. __How-To Videos and How-To Guide To get more information about how to use Blogsy go to “Settings” → “How-To Videos” or “How-To Guide”.   Posted with Blogsy

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