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Home networks not safe

Fri 13 March 2015

Infosec Reports this morning that Trend Micro have discovered a Malware strain that can scan your home network by attaching itself to your router then deleting itself..

TROJ_VICEPASS attempts to trick you to install using the disguises itself as an update to flash. The research from trend tells us that it can attach itself to your router by scanning a predefined ip address range 192.168.[0.6].0 - 192.168.[0.6].11 This is generally the default ranges for most home internet routers(modems).

It trys all the default logins to the router and a few others to forces its way onto your router.

Best advice is change the admin username to something other than default, change your password to something other than the default and something not easy to guess. Update all your malware and virus programs and update your Operating systems.

Ill assume this is only a windows problem as the file is a .exe file only runnable on windows OS.

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