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Camping trip Zeeland and belgium

Thu 19 August 2010

Just spent a week in zeeland cadzand to be precise, nice place very flat very rural there is a fantastic beach all the way from breskens down to Knokke which is in belgium. The beaches are a bit odd if your not used to them They are very sandy but the very industrial ;). With a car and two children camping 1 week for us was more than enough we drove around the area going to breskens and taking the beach road stopping at various places as we went. Sluis was interesting very nice village not to far away from the camping One this that we noticed straight away with sluis was the parking and how busy it was it turns out that during the session sluis is open 7 days a week!!. The second things we noticed was although this place looks quite pretty walk just in to the centre and you are confronted with a sex shop on almost every part of the high street!!. Which I found was a little bit out of order. But I guess the locals are used to it!. Sluis has a large amount of tourists mostly belgium people, this was where we started to notice the bad driving and high tempered local people!. A walk through the high street gives you window upon window of shops ideal for that nice shopping trip, and some really nice old buildings and the end of the street is a windmill which we headed to but is now turned into a restaurant and the access to the top of the mill was closed. Incidentally most campsites have showers that take 50cents, trying to get change in the centre of sluis and cadzand is very very difficult so if you want showers and hot water then take a bag of 50cents with you. We also stopped at ‘de Afslag’ this was ideal it is basically a small restaurant or ‘eetcafe’ that you pay a few euros for each child then you can eat and drink coffee etc and there is a huge play area for the kids to run around on. We had a dinner here which I had fish very nice although it was a little to herby for me I like fish natural tasting. But the service was a little slow but the food and the kids enjoyment made up for it. We stopped off for an ice cream in cadzand bad and found this really od ice cream parlor called new ice age or something similar, it had uv lights in and out and a hardly anybody there so we had an ice cream mmmmmm very much recommended the ice cream was superb. We had a day trip to Brugge We passed through Knokke which was really nice except the mad driving lanes that are quite a lot in belgium side of the border. We stopped at a place to eat just off the centre and this took absolutely ages we wasted almost 2.5 hours here waiting for food we thought it was because of the business inside the place as we sat outside but… when I went to the wc there was nobody else in the place so what happened there I really don’t know. But the rest of the day consisted of walking around and looking at the art and wonderful buildings. Interesting art

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