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Bow repaired

Wed 06 October 2010 archery /

I don’t think i’ll get away with shooting in the garden although i think it is safe i think the neighbor thinks not anyhow I did some searching and it dawned on me that re-enactors use rubber blunts to shoot at each other ;) So i found on Richard Head’s website’ redheads’ I like ordering form Richard but it always costs me a fortune for the postage as im in the Netherlands I did a little more research and I found another company here in the netherlands ordered and waiting Get a redhead! I think I will be able to shoot at a can or two its not quite the same as shooting at my target but we will give it a try. I got help from Ian to stick on my new hickory backing on my bow to repair it and I got the band saw out and trimmed it down, the glue lines are a little thick but its looking nice. The nocks are glued on just need to sand it and oil it down now the glue lines will clean up so its looking prity good so far ;) Just thought i’d also post my sons bow, it’s hard maple american flat bow it pulls about 16 lbs at 17 inches and it can pump an arrow down the back garden as quick as my wife’s 38 pounder ;) ‘Oma’ said it’s not a toy and he can not use it unless we are there hehehehe oops ;) And of course these are my next arrow tests, i’m inserting hard wood here originally the hardwood was to make footed arrows but i cut the kerf in the wrong place and the wood splits bit annoying I made 15 but its good to put the wood to work. These three arrow shafts are 3/8” made with a dowel cutter and hand sanded here ill put the self nocks and then ill get around to feathers and points.. here they are waiting for the glue to dry out..

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