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Bow building on the polder

Sun 04 July 2010

Well the weekend was getting closer to go to the weekend again this year in warns unfortunately there was not enough people so it got cancelled. I heard this from the the guy organising it I was a little bit annoyed as I was really looking forward to it. Anyhow got on the telephone and talking with one of the guys doing the bowbuilding and told him a suggestion from my wife, that we carried the workshops to my father inlaws farm.. Cool me thinks so it was suggested agreed and organised. The weekend got off to a good start myself Ian and Alan turned up friday evening setup tents and had a beer or two.. whilst cleaning done and setting up the workshop area. Saturday final preparations and no cooked breakfast!! Saturday was basically bow building all day with the expert eye of Ian Blackwell everybody managed to build a bow and really just needed to finish off on sunday morning. We also had a chance to shoot the bows saturday on a field opposite the farm. Saturday was a bbq and a demo for my farther inlaws birthday guests, followed by reminiscing over a few ciders around the fire and boring the hell out of hauke with 1970’s children’s theme tunes Sunday got off to another early morning I managed to get a cooked breakfast going and Ian and hauke enjoyed theirs whilst watching the workers finishing off their bows.. Followed by more shooting and tidying up.. All in all a fantastic weekend thanks to all that made it possible waiting for next time.. The End…..

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