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Matlab 2007 on debian 13 Jan
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Debian Install part3 13 Jan
Debian install 2 13 Jan
Debian install part1 13 Jan
Linux under subversion control 13 Jan


Adding virus protection to a Linux Server 23 Dec
Backups are important to you know 23 Nov
Cross compiling aprx for 32bit from 64bit host 13 Oct
Making a copy of stuff automatically 08 Oct
Shellshock 29 Sep
Fixes the ntpdate[31447]: no server suitable for synchronization found error tos maxdist 2.5 17 Apr
Instapaper 15 Apr
UKSCA | The UK Strength and Conditioning Association - Product list 15 Apr NTP Servers in Europe, 10 Apr
Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet 10 Apr
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Amazing what you find on the internet 13 Dec
Computing At School :: Computing for the Next Generation … 03 Dec
Running ipython on a remote machine 08 Sep
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tabata 24 Aug
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Moving to Jekyll from google 18 Apr
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Broken hand not good! 14 Mar
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longbow build along 12 Dec
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Reflective Gear 07 Jan


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